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Jumping a car: What are the upshot sequels of jump-starting a car?

Jumping your car or jump-starting your car is a process that has to be done properly if not it will be troublesome from both sides. We don’t have to doubt professional care in this procedure but when we do it personally it is not an advisable one by professionals.

To put in simple words jump-starting your car is nothing but using a battery from another car or any power source like a jump starter to start a car which’s the battery is depleted. The fear that arises is that in an improper procedure sometimes the jumper cables connected might catch because of the sulfuric acids in the batteries turning to vapors.

Jumpstarting procedure?

If some people have a question that how it can ruin a car by jumping it must know few technical ideas about the procedure. Make sure the problem isn’t anything other than your battery is dead as there are other problems there is no use in jumping the car.

  • Turn off the engines of both cars and using jumper cables connect the positive clamps to the positive terminals of car batteries.
  • Connect one end of the black cable to the negative terminal of the jumping car battery and the other end of the cable to the unpainted metal spot on the engine hood of the dead car.
  • Start the good car and run the engine for few minutes then remove the cables and start the jumped car and keep the engine on for 30min to charge the battery.

Why avoid it?

Jumping a car

Looking at the procedure it might sound like a simple process and still, many troubles can arise out of the blue. As mentioned earlier this process can turn into a flammable explosion that can
result in heavy injuries for everyone around.

If you are about to jump-start the car make sure to know the dangers of jump-starting your car which makes one have a second thought about it. As if handled on a rainy day as water conducts electricity well there will be damage on your car definitely.

Not only the car to be jumped but also the jumping car will end up having repairs in electronics parts beyond repairing capacity if the cables are misplaced. If wires are misplaced it will ruin both the cars and while removing them too it should be removed in reverse order so that cars will not be affected from both sides.



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